Microeconomics analysis of Disney World tickets and its adaptive pricing and marketing strategies

Prompt: Microeconomics analysis of Walt Disney World ticket sales and its adaptive pricing and
marketing strategies
Topic: Your class paper must be an economic analysis of a microeconomic topic.The topic can
be at the “firm” level or “product line” level. You must apply the microeconomic principles we
have covered in this course. It will require proper research from authoritative sources on the
topic and a clear presentation of your economic analysis.

Important: Your microeconomic analysis must focus on these areas:
● Assessments of industry structure,
● The intensity of competition,
● Supply and demand behavior, and
● Assessment of elasticity of demand characteristics.
● Do not simply write a description of the company or product line, analyze it.
Must include: Introduction, Industry Structure, Competition, Supply and Demand Behavior,
Elasticity of Demand, and Conclusion. References page, an Appendix of charts, tables and/or


Display an understanding of microeconomic principles by writing a microeconomic analysis of
Walt Disney World ticket prices and sales.
● What is the supply and demand for this industry
● What underlying factors affect the supply and demand (tourism, income, weather, etc.)
● Substitutes and Competition (Universal studios tickets, Busch gardens tickets, etc.)
● Elasticity of Demand of Walt Disney World ticket prices
Paper Structure:
● 4-5 pages (2,000 words) of content excluding title page, works cited page, charts,
graphs, and tables.
● Follow either APL-Standard Format or MLA-Standard Format,
● Single-spaced in 12 point times new roman font
● One inch margins all around each page
● Your name, paper’s title and submission date on a Cover Page
● Page number in the footer of each page
● The first line of each paragraph indented ½ inch
● Section headings in bold font at the beginning of each section, with a space between
each section header and the previous section, but no space between header and
● Use parenthetical citations “[1]” in the body to reference works you draw upon.
References: Sources: Use and cite at least 5 different reputable sources (to include but not
limited to newspaper publications, news magazines, academic journal, books)

Things to Remember:
Absolutely no plagiarism. Cite every sentence that did not originate in your head.
Use credible sources (.org, .gov, .edu, etc.)
Stay within guidelines set forth by the teacher, see attachments.
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