Questions and sample answers on operations management at Caterpillar Company

Describe role of top management in relation to Caterpillar company

Essentially, organizations rely on the executive level to achieve their mission. Furthermore, critical resources of the company are managed by the top management. Equally, the managers have a significant impact on the performance of the firm (Al-Mamary & Shamsuddin, 2018, p. 2). Notably, the top management manages the organizational behaviour and the new changes in the company. Basically, Caterpillar is a giant manufacturer of heavy equipment and has a significant market internationally. Moreover, Caterpillar has a large number of top executive to ensure that….

Describe operations management in relation to caterpillar

Operation management deals with the crafting and controlling the manufacturing and production process in a company. Arguably, a large multinational corporation may fail not because of the competition in the market but rather due to weak operational administration (Majukwa & Haddud, 2016, p. 1). Therefore, operation management plans for the production function in a business to ensure that the optimal level of resources gets used to yield maximum returns on investment. Further, it organizes the physical, human and financial resources to enhance coordination and collaboration between the primary functions in the value chain. They include manufacturing, selling, customer care, procurement, research and development, order processing, inventory management, warehousing, materials handling, packaging, and transportation. Caterpillar Inc. has integrated its …..

What is the function of support management in Caterpillar company?

Usually, support managers establish and supervise technical solutions in companies.  Majorly, the backing functions of an organization include customer service, information technology management, human resource, and marketing. Markedly, they denote the non-core activities of a company a company. Notably, support functions are minor duties that aim to add value to the end product. Besides, they contribute to the success of the business. In essence, they improve coordination, collaboration, facilitate the effective communication between user departments and the management. Therefore, managing the support functions is a vital aspect for any company that wants to streamline its activities. In Caterpillar, the support functions include research and development of…..

Formulate operations strategy for resource requirements and marketing functions for Caterpillar

Primarily, a strategy is a unique plan of action taken by companies to compete favourably with their peers. Further, operations management is used to denote quasi- manufacturing, supply chain activities links between different value chain activities, and services operations (Demeter & Boer, 2011, p. 2). Arguably, the strategy embeds specific pattern of pronouncements aimed at achieving a long-term decision (Koch & Friis, 2015). Caterpillar has heavily invested in developing machinery, financial products and engines in the United States of America. On that note, it has a capacity of approximately 100,000 employees. Being a global firm in the engineering sector, Caterpillar has a broad scope of its supply chain network in….

Describe managerial skills and competencies for Caterpillar

The complexity of the business environment has immensely increased compelling companies to seek for proper managerial skills and competencies. Broadly, there is a significant benefit of employing administrators with appropriate expertise (Ananthram & Nankervis, 2013, p. 299). Notably, the administrators carry the mission of the company and  usually get to the forefront when developing the strategic goal of the firm. As well, the managers are geared towards the longterm mission of the firm. More importantly, the administrators manage critical resources in the company including the staffs. Similarly, it is important to get the right people with appropraite skills to lead the organization (Alsenosy, 2017, p. 11). Primarily, Caterpillar has embraced effective managerial and leadership styles to ensure….

Propose operation function and the optimum Layout function for Caterpillar company

Predominantly, the operation function in a company forms a vital segment that directly affects the output. Additionally, it embeds a significant cost of operation and most have firms have had challenges in determining the optimal production function that reduces expenses immensely. Moreover, the majority of the multinational corporations prefer carrying out foreign direct investment instead of setting production functions in the host countries (Mico, 2016, p. 2). Remarkably, production is the core activity of the firm that competent managers should approach critically. An efficient production planning should focus on the expected quality of the product and service. Additionally, it should get integrated with maintenance and scheduling of raw materials. Further, the floor space is vital for production planning to avert any threats associated with capacity. More importantly, the manufacturing function is more than just coordination and collaboration.  Therefore, it needs a strategic model that integrates all other value chain activities and realigns them with…

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