Questions and sample solutions on business analysis of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

How does family and personal influences affect the purchasing power of a consumer?

Family and personal influences are the two core environmental factors that affect the consumer purchasing behavior. As regards family influence, family emerges as the most essential of the primary grouping and, as such, it is the consumer behavior’s strongest cause of influence. As children grow up, they learn the traditional practices of their families. They also take in various behavioral models from the members of their family, both unconsciously and consciously. For instance, parents who choose to….

Explain how personal preferences and marketing operations affect the purchasing behavior of a consumer in relation to Dr. Peppers Snapple Group

Marketing operations and personal preferences are some of the consumer factors that influence consumers into buying certain products. Marketing promotions play a critical role in influencing the buying decisions that consumers make. They are always relied on by companies to change the share of markets by influencing consumers’ buying decisions (Lautiainen, 2015). Dr Pepper Snapple Group engages in regular product promotions through advertisements on televisions and the Internet to influence the customers of other companies to….

What role does consumer decision-making play in classification of consumers at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group?

Consumers who buy the products of Dr Pepper Snapple Group can be classified as low involvement clients. This is due to the fact that the products’ life I usually short and they become exhausted ones they are consumed. The clients are always at liberty to switch to other brands if their experience with the usual product becomes unfavorable. This form of involvement level is most consistent with the consumer’s buying behavior that seeks to acquire a variety of products due to the availability of different brands that are being offered by one company (Andaleeb & Hasan, 2017). This group of buyers always switches brands quite often. Notably, such consumers select a….

Describe the process consumer decision-making in relation to Dr. Pepper Snapple

  1. Recognition of the Problem

The company has a Facebook platform that it relies on to engage its customers. Through the platform, the clients can present their satisfaction or dissatisfactions ones the product is introduced to them.

  1. Information Search

After recognizing a problem, the company analyzes the numerous views and selects the ones that aim at improving the products to generate product promotion.

  1. Assessment of Substitutes

The company makes use of…

Describe market segmentation for Dt. Pepper snale Goup

The market of Dr Pepper Snapple Group can be segmented into two: market segment that focuses on the consumers’ lifestyles and the one that focuses on their preferences. When identifying its target markets, the company considers various psychographic, geographic, and behavioral trends. With regard to the market segment that focuses both on lifestyles and preferences of customers, the company will rely on psychographic variables like the customers’ attitude, values, opinions, and interests in its production and marketing. These factors are crucial to the company because they provide information about the persons who buy the company’s products and the reasons for…..

What is Dr. Pepper Snapple Group target market strategy?

Dr Pepper Snapple Group should continue pursuing the existing market, new ones, as well as other segments of marketing. Such a strategy will motivate its employees to engage in innovation since the market already faces stiff completion from the likes of Carlsberg and Pepsi. Targeting new markets other than the existing one will also make it venture in diversification. This form of technique will help reduce the risk that the company may face by apportioning investments amongst a range of financial apparatus, other groupings, and industries (Yadav, 2018). The company will also maximize its returns through….

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