Questions and sample solutions on comparison of U.S and England healthcare policies

What is the main focus of the England healthcare policy?

           The focus of the healthcare policy standards in England is ensuring access to care for all, considering that all English residents are entitled to free healthcare services in public health facilities working with the National Health Service (NHS) (Tikkanen et al., 2020). The NHS, the healthcare government agency, works with hospitals, mental healthcare services institutions, and physicians. The NHS’s annual budget is financed using general taxation allowing every working citizen to contribute a flat rate to the healthcare budget. The NHS allocates the money it receives, to the 191 clinical commissioning Groups that administrate and pay for….

Describe how the U.S and England healthcare system are similar in terms of governance

           In the area of governance, the US and the English healthcare systems are similar. The similarities include that the government governs and administrates the healthcare sector, both at the federal and state level. Specifically, the federal government is tasked with regulating therapeutic and pharmaceutical products through agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and public and private healthcare insurance service delivery. However, the federal government plays a minimal role in regulating the delivery of…

What does the U.S and England healthcare systems have in common in relation to workforce?

In the US, the healthcare system is primarily run by the private sector, although federal, state and other levels of government own some facilities. The CDC (2017) notes that the US healthcare sector employs an estimated 18 million workers, whereby 80 percent are female. For instance, as of 2018, there were 6,146 hospitals registered in the US, including 5,198 community hospitals, including the 965 operated by State and local governments (AHA, 2020). There is an additional 209 hospitals run by the federal government (AHA, 2020). Considering the proportion of government-owned to….

How is quality of healthcare in U.S and England similar?

The US healthcare sector is ranked among the most expensive among those of developed countries around the world (Burke & Ryan, 2014). The evidence of the problem of high costs includes per capita spending on healthcare is estimated at between 50 and 2000 percent higher as compared to the rates in other countries such as England. However, despite cost leadership, the US is poor performance in the major indicators of…

Outline the differences between the healthcare systems of U.S and England in terms of policy

The major characteristics that distinguish the US healthcare policy from that of England include that the former is highly privatized, noting that the larger percentage of healthcare service providers is done by privately owned service providers (Birk, 2016). The ownership indicates that the price of service delivery is highly influenced by market dynamics and not the policies in place, which is the case in the UK. Secondly, unlike the UK healthcare system, the US lacks a distinctive system of accountability, which is a major reason that the costs of healthcare have continued to increase (Birk, 2016). Thirdly, US policy has little to no policies mitigating the costs of the sector, which is the reason it is….

Provide an outlook of the U.S healthcare system both in the short and long-tem

           The enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 changed the US healthcare system profoundly, including that it expanded access to healthcare coverage for over 20 million Americans (HRSA, 2016). Unfortunately, the US incurs the highest costs of healthcare, which has reached crisis levels as noted in recent years (Vogenberg & Santilli, 2018). Going into the future, from a consumer’s viewpoint, the focus will be the push towards outcomes and the quality of care, through implementing the major drivers of improved performance. Some critical areas given increasing attention recently include the drivers of healthcare costs, including the domination of the pharmaceutical and devices market by a few players. As recently noted, insurance and government coverage are more tailored to paying for outcomes and not services rendered, which demands the improved training of healthcare staff, and the…

Explain the meaning of universality in U.S health policy as compared to that of England

           The meaning of universality in the US is the emphasis on access to healthcare services for all people, guaranteeing access to healthcare services, despite the challenge of cost-sharing plans, which make it challenging for consumers to access quality care (Barnes, 2015). The evidence of the meaning of universality is evident from the healthcare changes brought into force by the ACA (Barnes, 2015). In contrast, universality in England means contributing a constant rate for…

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