Questions and sample solutions on human resource management

What is the role of human resource in upholding an organization’s legal responsibilities?

Human resources that comprehend what their work is in an organization will always strive at ensuring that legal responsibilities are upheld. Such a staff will always comply with the labor laws and carry out their operations as required by the laws and ethical standards of the business’ environment. With regard to the business environment, the human resource will ensure that they implement what company’s policy says about Corporate Social Responsibility and manifest the business as a good citizen. To do as such, the human resource will make sure that its actions are fashioned by the code of ethics. By observing the business’ code of ethics, the human resource will strive at ensuring that it respects the rights of….

Which laws currently support equal employment opportunity?

There are several laws regarding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) though this paper is posited to discuss the two most current ones that include the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act (EOWW). The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) calls for an employer introduce rational modifications with respect to employees and job applicants who suffer from any disability. This is expected by law to ensure that persons with disability are not disadvantaged in a way that deprives them equal opportunities in employment. On the other hand, Equal Opportunity for….

Give the difference between affirmative action and management of diversity

This paper finds it suitable to reflect on affirmative action and the extent to which the concept is different from diversity management. Though its definition depends on the sector that makes use of it, affirmative action, according to Executive Order 11246, can be described as a process that needs a contractor of the government to evaluate and examine its personnel practices’ entire scope for the reason of correcting and identifying any obstacle to equal employment opportunity (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2016). In cases where problems exist, the contractor is…

What challenges are there in managing a varied work team?

A varied work team is always characterized by difficulty in effective communication, inability to remain calm when under pressure, ineffective planning and use of resources, and failure to define clear objectives and motivate the rest of the employees to pursue them. Additionally, managing a varied work team can pose a big challenge if the team members have a less developed sense of morals (Herbert, 2019). Such scenarios are mostly experienced if managers lack substantial benefits of advanced management skills that should be used to make team members to work as a team and inform them of…

How can businesses improve management of diverse team within a business?

Diverse team’s management can be improved by introducing diversity programs within their operation systems for the managers and the employees at large to be accustomed to such programs (Herbert, 2019). Also, it has been…

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