Questions and Sample Solutions on Industrial Relations in the United States

Describe the Public Sector Industrial Relations System in the United States

            County authorities in the United States (US) refer to shifting of powers to lower levels of the main state. Precisely, public sector industrial relations get managed by local states, where collective bargaining leads the process. The key players in the industry involve unionized workers, teachers, police and firefighters, and other state employees. It is worth noting that the right to seek collective bargain and the permission to issue strike by unions get determined by …..

Identify and Explain the Main Stages of Public Sector Dispute Resolution

            Arbitration refers to a binding consensus initiated by a third party. Employers have prioritized the method because it is more efficient than the court system that consumes many public funds in settling labor disputes (Friedland, 2007). On the contrary, employees blame arbitration as a fixed regime that does not give ways for challenging the unsuitable decisions. It is worth noting that there are three steps in the arbitration process, and the first one is prehearing of briefs by the committee. At this stage, all parties present their ……

What is Interest and Rights Arbitration?

Rights arbitration enables parties involved in a dispute to present to the mediator their concern regarding the existing collective bargaining agreement. The arbitrator’s role in the process involves applying the terms of understanding to solve the conflict. In contrast, interest arbitration is used to …..

Outline the Guidelines Applied by Interest Arbitrators

The guidelines used by interest arbitrators include the impacts of advanced waivers, the independence of administrative procedure, the third-party financing, and the disclosure of matters and evidence presented. The procedure clarifies the issues of uncertainty that get solved between parties. In addition, the rules incorporate both commercial and investment arbitration to solve legal and non-legal career matters. Even though disclosing evidence is….

Describe the OSHA Safety Regulation Process

            OSHA acts are regulations aiming at assuring safe and healthy working conditions by initiating enforcement rules and standards. Under the OSHA act of the United States, enterprise owners have the responsibility of providing safety measures at …..

What are the factors Applied by OSHA in Determining Fines for Safety Violators?

            The secretary in charge of OSHA inspection considers various factors before recommending that the employer is guilty of offenses regarding the stipulated regulations. The first thing to regard includes the obligation of the law, where the company is required to limit workers’ exposure to health hazards. The other issue of consideration by the enforcement team includes checking the …..

Identify the Elements in an Alternate Dispute Resolution Process of Non-Union Workplace

            Non-union arbitration procedure involves responses to relative environmental conflicts laid by groups of employees. Converse to unionization strategies, private undertakings in dispute settlement use the peer review methods that respond to emerging issues in both formal and informal sectors. According to Nolan-Haley (2013), the main elements in alternative dispute resolutions include encouraging parties to ….

What are the existing Criticisms of Alternative Dispute Process

            Professional arbitrators have criticized the out of court system as lacking legal consideration in settlement of relevant labor matters. It is worthy to note that the alternative method is based on trust and, in some instances, familiarity favors. Therefore, this has, in some cases, affected adversely the aggrieved parties. In addition, the time that is taken during the process often does not allow for the full adherence to the ….

Describe the of Works Councils in Germany

            Work councils give representations for workers at their stations conferring significant authority to air the issues affecting them during their operations. According to Ewing (2014), the body got legalized in 1952 through an act that allowed small organizations to choose employee ambassadors to serve as …..

What are the Purposes of Employee Safety Program?

            Employee safety program is formed to ensure a productive workplace, with a lasting relationship between the parties in the contract. The regulation also enables emergency management that prevents extreme damages and losses during the unexpected dangers in an office. Moreover, there is an element of workplace housekeeping management that gives employees the responsibility to …..

Outline the Rights of Employees under the Provisions of OSHA

            Employees enjoy the right to file a confidential complaint with OSHA requesting for the inspection of their workplaces. Moreover, they are privileged to receive information and training about hazardous working activities. Such training enables staff to understand the required standards. In addition, employees have the right to review the …..

What are Responsibilities of Employees under the Provisions of OSHA and their Compliance?

            Employees must comply with set out standards, rules, regulations, and orders stipulated in the employment contract. Importantly, workers are to use safety equipment provided by the employers for their benefits. It is the responsibility of employees to……

Identify the Approaches Used by Organizations in Dealing with Employee Stress and Their Criticisms

            In the current work environments, most employers provide counseling sessions to their stressed personnel. The methods adopted often involve establishing healing units in organizations where affected employees are compelled to seek guidance. Another approach includes offering training and team building sessions outside the workplaces to help the parties forget the problems connected with their duties (Fried, 2008). However, the methods have been criticized by …..

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